Disruptive AI technology that is leading the future in impairment detection and healthcare screenings

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Disruptive technologies for impairment and healthcare



Our first-to-market AI product screens for Cannabis impairment and is being expanded to include screening for alcohol and opioids.



We are harnessing our AI technology to be used globally in healthcare, with our primary focus on COVID-19 screenings. PREDICTMEDIX can be deployed in settings outside of hospitals and healthcare facilities or at any location where people gather or where transmission security is paramount.



Our disruptive technology can detect mental illness at early stages giving healthcare practitioners the opportunity to provide proper care before their patient's condition worsens. Employers can use our technology to protect and care for the mental health of their workforce.



Ranked among top 15 global IT companies by Forbes. $4.9 billion dollar company owned by Mahindra Group, a $420.7 billion dollar federation of companies.

The worldwide industry leader in aluminium and copper. Hindalco is the metals flagship company of Aditya Birla Group, with a consolidated annual revenue of $18.7 billion.

Globally top ranked engineering school whose alumni include CEO’s and CTO’s of many Fortune 500 companies including Google, IBM and Microsoft.

"The most interesting part is that Predictmedix focuses on AI solutions to problems that matter to all of us"

Kapil Raval

Director of Artificial Intelligence Business Development at Microsoft

"Predictmedix can make a huge impact on the current COVID19 pandemic as their technology is the need of the day not just now but also in the future as we deal with other infectious diseases"

Dr Navdeep Singh Nanda

"There is not going to be a medical​ breakthrough such as a vaccine or drug that is going to solve the COVID19 problem in the near future. Our only effective strategy is the prevention of viral transmission. We have applied travel bans and physical distancing orders to our society as a whole. This has had a devastating impact on our economy and way of life. With AI we could be much more tactful in our approach"

Dr Alexander Bardon

Emergency Physician


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